Sacred Woman, Sacred Dance:
Awakening Spirituality Through Movement and Ritual
A Book by Iris J. Stewart

Circle Magazine

This is a marvelous and unique exploration of women's spirituality through a study of dance. Stewart sees dance as "the oldest, most elemental form of religious expression, repetitive rhythmical movements being essential to the process of union with the deity and cosmic flow." She shows the reader how the study of dance is in actuality a "road map to the history of women's spirituality." Through a study of Goddess figures, ancient sacred sites, explanations of the historical symbolism of dancer's garb, and historical information about priestesses from many cultures, the first part of the book explores the roots of using dance as a form of women's worship. The second half of the book focuses on modem day expressions of sacred dance, which is much more prevalent that we might at first imagine. She covers Moon dances that celebrate women's life and menstrual cycles; lamentation dancing at funerals; mirror dancing to harmonize yourself with a partner; Elements dancing to honor Earth, Air, Fire, and Water; and much more. But the book is not just a history lesson or contemporary overview. It also includes instructional sections that teach us how in sacred dance, "one is found and used by the soul of Nature, the energies of which are perceived rhythmically as the continuous dance of life and form." It is beautifully illustrated with inspirational photos of sacred dancers. It will help many of us "begin our journey toward regaining both our own spiritual dance and our own spiritual power." This is an excellent addition to the study of the many forms and expressions of Women's Spirituality.


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