Sacred Woman, Sacred Dance:
Awakening Spirituality Through Movement and Ritual
A Book by Iris J. Stewart

Book Review

by Penn the

Iris J. Stewart has done an amazingly thorough review of the history of sacred dance. I believe its the first of its kind. Along with extensive chronicles, stories and historical connections, numerous drawings and photographs make Sacred Woman, Sacred Dance a true feast for the eyes. From ancient paleolithic cultures to today, Sacred Woman, Sacred Dance explores the different types of sacred dance. There are dances to be performed in a community or individually. There is a dance for Universal Peace, ritual dances, liturgical dances, & belly dancing. Ms. Stewart encourages readers to integrate sacred dance into their lives making it relevant for today's spiritually creative women. Part Two of the book is entitled: "Modern Sacred Dance Today". The Sacred Dance of Eternity, the Moon Dance, the Sacred Circle, Serpent Dance, the Lamentation Dance, the Drum Dance, the Ecstatic and Trancendental Dance, Dance of the Elements and the Mirror Dance are all portrayed in depth. Stunning visuals capture the dances and illustrations show the basic movements. There's a chapter on the significance of costume for the dance; the veil, the exposed torso, the girdle, and the protection of wearing amulets and gems. A wide-ranging resource list closes up the book, which will aid those inspired to learn more about sacred dance and start up their own dance circles. This is Iris J. Stewart's gift to all women interested in expressions of spirituality and dance. I found it enlightening, empowering and visually uplifting. Sacred Woman, Sacred Dance is a most awesome book and recommends it for all creative women. Dance On!


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