Sacred Woman, Sacred Dance:
Awakening Spirituality Through Movement and Ritual
A Book by Iris J. Stewart

Tarot Newsletter

by Mary K. Greer

What does sacred dance have to do with Tarot? Try assuming the position of the figures on each of the Major Arcana cards and then moving as they would move. Although Stewart doesn't talk about Tarot you will find the Moon card from Alexandra Genetti's Wheel of Change Tarot in the chapter on "Moon Dance."

This book is about gaining direct access to women's spiritual wisdom through dance, and it will certainly convince you of its truth. Arising from Stewart's own awakening to Middle-Eastern dance, she began a search for the earliest records of women's dance, mostly preserved in ancient art, of which some wonderful examples grace this full-color, illustrated work. She cites hymns to Hathor praising her as "queen of leaping," the role of dance in the Mystery Schools, and introduces the Dancing Priestess. Di you know that women's dance was once part of the Judeo-Christian tradition and is being revived today? Learn how Tara is currently being worshipped through dance. Explore dance for both birth and death, and the power and symbolism of costume and jewelry.

Some of the most famous dancers of the 20th century felt they were touching eternity through sacred movement, which is beautifully illustrated in rare photographs. Then the author moves on to the importance of circles, labyrinths, serpents, and rhythm-beats and concludes with a wealth of resources for further exploration. Each chapter features a "Now Let Us Dance" section in which Stewart leads you through dance and movements that let you experience their power and sacredness for yourself. I don't know of another book like this __don't miss it.
Summer, 2001

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