Sacred Woman, Sacred Dance:
Awakening Spirituality Through Movement and Ritual
A Book by Iris J. Stewart

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Nicole Pugh, Body Vision Magazine

Attention Women! Ever have the urge to shimmy, shake, stomp or twirl to ancient rhythms and mesmerizing drum beats? Has belly dancing, samba or African dance suddenly become your passion? If so, then take an exciting journey through the ages with dancer and lecturer Iris J. Stewart and learn about the rich relationship between women's spirituality and dance.
Throughout the centuries, women have danced to welcome birth and honor death, to express truth and faith and to express the miracle and diversity of their lives. Stewart's concise, colorful book provides a much-needed and often suppressed catalogue of this heritage. Through breathtaking color photos, rich historical information and practical step by step instruction on women's dances throughout the4 world, you will be inspired to let down your hair, kick off your shoes and celebrate the magnificent, creative female energy that you are - through dance.

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